10/GUI The Video Background Dialogue

Why propose such a departure when what we have now works fine?

The mouse and the windowed desktop are perhaps the two greatest innovations in the history of human-computer interaction. But like all innovations, they are best seen as part of a continuum rather than a terminus.

The mouse and the window led us out of the confines of the keyboard and the text prompt to the world of graphical and spatial possibility we enjoy today. But there's no reason to stop there.

Why do we need more interaction bandwidth?

Many activities today still need only a keyboard and terminal screen—and it's likely the personal computer could have still evolved, albeit more limitedly, using only those. Most activities today need only a mouse and windowed information display on top of that, and the evolution of software and hardware can and will continue while limited to these.

Eventually, though, the shift to another interaction paradigm is inevitable. Just as the advent of the mouse and windowed GUI opened many new doors, so will the next generation of interfaces after that.

Who would build something like this?

Just as in the early days of the mouse and windowed GUI, a system based upon 10/GUI's principles would likely be best suited to a systems builder capable of full vertical integration.

Relentless prototyping, user testing, and iteration, combined with exacting control over the software and hardware in concert, would be key to transforming these principles into something usable, versatile, and marketable.

Where to from here?

The purpose of the 10/GUI concept video is to inform, inspire, and start discussions. An ocean of experimentation, iteration, investment, and adoption lies between these early ideas and whatever the future of HCI will hold. Will the principles of 10/GUI prove viable? To test these waters is the only way to find out.